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Terms of Use
This agreement together with any additional terms, conditions, notices, and disclaimers contained elsewhere on the StreetValue website form the conditions of supply of material on, use of and access to the StreetValue web site.

  • User: constitutes any person who visits the StreetValue.co.nz website.
  • Data Providers: companies, individuals, or government departments who provide any information to StreetValue Ltd.
  • Property Report: refers to the set of pages created for any particular property within New Zealand and includes the tables, maps, graphs or any information relating to property contained within those pages.

Market Rent Information Disclaimer, Copyright and Terms of Use

This data is Crown copyright. These statistics are derived from information gathered from bonds lodged at the Tenancy Services Centre. The results may not be a true indication of the rental market because it only reflects properties where bonds are lodged at the Tenancy Services Centre. Any category that has less than five bonds lodged has been excluded to prevent individual properties being identified. However the totals include any excluded items, so that the categories shown may not add up to the total in the "all" category.

The data should not be used to determine the market rent of any property or for any other purpose except as an indication of the rental market based on bonds lodged at the Tenancy Services Centre. The Ministry of Housing accepts no liability for use of this data other than for the purpose referred to above, nor does it accept liability for errors whether or not due to negligence on the part of the Ministry of Housing or its employees.

Ministry of Education School Zone Enrolment Information Disclaimer, Copyright and Terms of Use
The Ministry of Education tries to ensure that information on schools and school enrolment zones, including maps, is accurate and current, but school zones and other details are subject to change and you should not rely on information on this website alone. To check current boundaries or other details you should contact the school concerned. The Ministry accepts no responsibility for any action taken on the basis of information provided on this website, or for any errors or omissions.

StreetValue School Information Disclaimer, Copyright and Terms of Use
StreetValue Ltd takes care to ensure all school information is accurate and up to date, but no data should be considered entirely accurate and you should not rely on this information alone. Please contact schools directly to confirm all details.

Sales Data
StreetValue agrees to use all reasonable endeavours to supply Property Reports that are substantially free of errors or defects, but users acknowledge that errors do exist and may occur. No liability shall be held against StreetValue Ltd for any information provided within any Property Report.

All information provided by or through StreetValue Ltd is based on the following:
  • Is made available on an "as is" basis
  • Is not a certified copy or representation of any official information
  • Is not provided for lending purposes
  • Is not a registered valuer's report for the purposes of the Trustee Act 1956
  • Is subject to change without notice
  • May not be appropriate for particular use or purpose
  • Should not be relied upon for making choices or decisions
  • Is partly supplied by third party sources and no warranty is made as to accuracy or completeness

StreetValue Ltd. reserves the right to make alterations to the any information provided on the StreetValue.co.nz website, without notification as this information may change from time to time.

Exclusion of Liability
StreetValue Limited:
  • Makes no representations as to the completeness, correctness, currency or fitness for any purpose of the information supplied
  • Will not be responsible for any damage to or loss suffered by the User arising from the service provided whether arising from negligence or any other inaccuracies
  • Does not promise that access to the service will always be immediate or uninterrupted

User Privacy Policy:
All users agree to allow StreetValue to store their registration details and their activity on StreetValue.co.nz. This information may be used, distributed and sold to partners or clients of StreetValue Ltd. StreetValue will not distribute your information indiscriminately, all third parties given access to your information will be trusted by StreetValue to use the information responsibly. You agree to occasionally receive communications from clients or partners of StreetValue in relation to your activity on StreetValue.co.nz.

All user information will be kept confidential between StreetValue Ltd, its clients and partners. User information will not be made available to any person or business StreetValue does not have an agreement with.

Mapping Copyright and Disclaimer
The data used to generate maps is sourced from NZTopo Database. Crown Copyright Reserved.
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